Human Resource Survival Guide For Employers

1. Initial Concerns 
A. Advertisements and Brochures 
B. Job Requirements 
C. Affirmative Action 
D. Applicant Screening 
E. Employment Applications 
F. Job Resumes 
G. Immigration Checks 
H. Discriminatory Interview Questions 
I. Job Misrepresentation 
J. Promises of Job Security 
K. Checking References 
L. Testing 
2. Negotiating and Confirming the Job
A. Confirm the Deal in Writing 
B. Employment Agencies 
C. Part-Time Positions 
D. Independent Contractor Status 
E. Effective Policies and Procedures 
3. On-The-Job Benefits 
A. Flexibility to Alter Benefits 
B. Meals, Transportation and Related Benefits 
C. Common Overtime Problems 
D. Employee Suggestions and Inventions 
E. COBRA Developments 
F. Health Benefits of Employees with AIDS 
G. ERISA Concerns 
H. Tuition Assistance 
I. Potpourri of Concerns 

4. Protecting the Company From Dishonest Employees 
A. Confidential Information and Trade Secrets 
B. Duty of Loyalty and Good Faith 
C. Restrictive Covenants and Covenants Not to Compete 
D. Stealing Away Employees 
E. Code of Ethics 
F. Common Anti-Trust Violations 
5. Employee's Privacy Rights 
A. Lie Detector Tests 
B. Personnel Records 
C. Off-Duty Surveillance 
D. Credit Investigations 
E. Medical Investigations 
F. Searches 
G. Interrogations 
H. Wiretapping and Eavesdropping 
I. Employee Testing 
J. Drug and Alcohol Testing 
K. Workplace Smoking 
L. Constitutional Protections 
M. Defamation and Related Concerns 
N. Liability for Assaults 
6. Effective On-The-Job Policies 
A. Appraisals and Performance Reviews 
B. Communication and Complaints 
C. Promotions, Demotions and Related Concerns 
D. Progressive Discipline 
E. Probationary Periods 
F. Military Leave 
G. Job Safety 
H. Worker's Compensation 
7. Avoiding On-The-Job Discrimination 
A. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 
   Older Workers Benefit Protection Act 
B. American With Disabilities Act 
C. Sex Discrimination 
D. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 
E. Pregnancy Discrimination 
F. The Family and Medical Leave Act 
H. Sex Harassment 
I. Religious Discrimination 
J. Racial Discrimination 
K. Age Discrimination 
L. Disability Discrimination 
M. Retaliation Discrimination 

8. How To Fire Properly 
A. Terms of Employment 
B. Personnel Records 
C. Progressive Discipline Guidelines 
D. Employee Manuals 
E. Employment Contracts 
F. Statutory Considerations 
G. Public Policy Exceptions 
H. Implied Covenants of Good Faith and Fair Dealing 
I. Implied Contract Exceptions 
J. Discrimination Laws 
K. Advantages of an Independent Review 
L. Plant Closings 
M. Employer Legal Options and Strategies 
9. Avoiding Defamation And Other Post-Termination Problems 
A. Dealing with Potential Employers 
B. The Exit Interview 
C. Enforcement of Restrictive Covenants 
D. Severance Policy 
E. Tax Ramifications of Structuring Settlements 
F. Defamation Concerns 
G. Hidden Labor Issues When Buying Or Selling a Business 
H. Unemployment Hearings