Business Plan Manual / Your Plan (Word Format) $189.00

Don't waste your money on pre-packaged business plan software products. These products are self contained and limited to use and formatting. Our Business Plan Manual, including professionally written templates, is already formatted in Word and Excel documents.

Here's everything you need to capitalize on your business idea of a lifetime. Investing your own money, the money of others and the next several years of your life... this is no time to hip-shoot. You're taking enough risk just building your business! When your business -- and your future -- is on the line, you can't afford to risk making mistakes on your "blue print," and being misunderstood or not taken seriously. The best-selling business planning software for more than 10 years... Most business planning professionals regard Your Plan as the best all around business plan writing software on the market. The financials are more in-depth, it is the easiest to add changes to, and it has been refined over the longest period of time.

In one survey, out of 29,000 businesses started, 26,000 of them failed. Of the failures:

67% never had a written business plan 
57% had no outside guidance 
71% had not taken any business courses
Your Plan is the proven tool for developing your business concept and presenting it to the people who can back you. The fastest, easiest way to organize and promote your ideas for quick cooperation. You get everything you need. Start with professionally written text, not a blank screen. The narrative description is organized into more than 90 pages of consciously scripted text: compelling headlines, sentences, whole paragraphs, tables and lists -- excellent copy you can use in your own style, not just blanks you need to fill in. It's much easier to edit than it is to write from scratch. Experts' comments throughout explain issues and give clear, sensible advice. The self-directed approach guides you through the entire process enabling you to work on any part any time. The unique reference structure also lets you organize your ideas and enable investors to quickly find what they want. Plus, Your Plan's constantly refined and one-of-a-kind design philosophy gives you total flexibility to write your plan your way and modify it anytime, any way you like.

Executive Summary... Vision and Mission... Present Situation... Goals... Objectives... Company Overview... Legal Business Description... Management Team... Board of Directors... Strategic Alliances... Product Strategy... Current Product... Research and Development... Production and Delivery... Market Analysis... Market Definition... Customer Profile... Competition... Risk... Marketing Plan... Sales Strategy... Distribution Channels... Advertising and Promotion... Public Relations... Financial Plan... Assumptions... Financial Statements... Capital Requirements ... Exit/Payback Strategy... Conclusion... Supporting Documents... Integrated Financial Spreadsheets & Basic Financials.