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Management Consulting

While most of our clients are small and medium sized businesses, a special unit of our company specializes in working with larger companies. Whether a start up or operational business, we have the solutions you need.

We work with Internet companies, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, health care providers, construction companies, the hospitality industry and firms delivering every type of service imaginable. The scope of our practice include projects focusing on productivity and profit improvement. We install practical, effective management controls designed to help clients meet their objectives.

While our work often focuses on specific areas such as management, personnel, and policies and procedures installation, we also provide services in many other management disciplines such as marketing, sales, bidding and estimating, production, financial reporting, cost controls, purchasing and inventory controls.

There are several aspects of the operation that set us apart from many other management consulting firms:
  • We've been in business for more than 30 years and have helped more businesses than any other firm in our specialty field of strategic planning. 
  • Our consultants have a minimum of fifteen years of business consulting experience. They know how to identify problems, determine the causes, engineer effective solutions and initiate their implementation. 
  • All assignments begin with a comprehensive evaluation of the client's business. This extensive analysis pinpoints areas within the business that function less effectively than they should compared to the potential of that specific company (not some mythical industry average). 
  • We document all new systems and make a strong commitment to ensure that the client and all key employees are thoroughly trained and indoctrinated so the client staff understands how to achieve fullest productivity. 
  • Unlike other consulting firms, we implement the work we develop so that it is functioning in the client's business before we conclude the project. 
  • Our work is accomplished on a time schedule that's agreed upon up front. If extra time is needed to complete the project, we incur the cost, not the client.